Hi, my name is Alasdair. I am a software developer and currently work in FinTech.
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I am a well-experienced professional Java web developer with over 11 years in the financial and security services communities. I focus heavily on delivering high quality code that meets the best practices and conventions and I am more than able to do so under tight deadlines. I have experience developing and designing in all layers of large web applications, from the frontend all the way to the backend. In my current role, I am valued my extensive knowledge within this wide range and my involvement in the open source community.

Work Experience

Modulr Finance
Technical Lead
2018 - Present
Edinburgh, UK

I’m currently one of the lead developers working on the company’s primary business-to-business payment platform. It’s a high-traffic SAAS that sits on top of many microservices that performs fast payments 24/7 for big businesses like Sage, Revolut, Liberis. I joined a very small team in Edinburgh after the company opened its new office and now I am leading bleeding edge product development for the business. Since joining the company I have been responsible for implementing lots of features including critical SSO integrations required for some big new clients as well as well as many other internal and external integrations and setting up new microservices. I was also responsible for the majority of the migration work needed to onboard our biggest customer. Investigating and improving performance issues has also played a big part as the company scales.

Due to the size of the company, it has been a great opportunity to define missing processes and solve fundamental development challenges that I’d taken for granted in previous roles.

Java Postres Spring Spring Boot JUnit Mockito RabbitMQ Redis Gradle Tomcat AWS Git Windows IntelliJ REST Agile
Software Development Principal Engineer
2012 - 2018
Edinburgh, UK

I was one of the lead developers working on the latest version of their customer-facing counter threat portal which I was involved in since its inception. I had been responsible for leading the UI architecture, design and development across multiple global teams, while also driving backend redesign as it had become unruly and monolithic. I was solely responsible for designing and implementing key features such as internationalization, RBAC security model, and introducing frontend language coding standards, and quality controls (e.g. unit testing, linting).

Any spare time at work was used to host presentations to spread knowledge with other members of engineering, which were primarily backend Java developers while also mentoring graduate frontend developers that I had recruited.

I was deeply involved in each step of the process; from planning features, performing technical analysis, architecting solutions, as well as implementation and testing. I had also been responsible for creating many tools that were used internally by many teams to optimize developer efficiency.

Java MySQL JavaScript Node.js HTML5 CSS3 Spring JUnit Mockito Backbone.js Mocha Maven npm gulp Jetty AWS SVN Git RedHat IntelliJ REST Agile Mentor
Royal Bank of Scotland
Web Developer
2008 - 2012
Edinburgh, UK

While corresponding with the clients I was responsible for delivering a high volume of quality changes and fixes for one of the largest and most important internal applications for the bank, the relationship management platform which enables informed financial decisions. Prior to leaving, I was part of a small development team which was responsible for releasing key changes with very high visibility. Having initially joined on an apprenticeship scheme I managed to prove myself amongst the other senior developers.

Java Oracle JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 JSF Ant Ivy WebSphere ClearCase Windows Eclipse Waterfall

GIAC Secure Software Programmer - Java
2013 - 2021
Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer
ISEB Certificate in Software Testing
ISEB Certificate in Systems Modelling Techniques